Club Mission

With over 12,000 alumni in the Greater New York City area, we are one of the largest Buckeye communities outside of Ohio. Throughout the year, the club holds numerous events to enrich the personal and professional lives of our members. We also strive to give back to community through direct service and the funding of scholarships for the next generation of Buckeyes. Above all, our goal is to foster a welcoming environment where all alumni can grow and strengthen their connection to our alma mater.


Ryan Edmiston – President
Neil Shah – Vice President
Shane McMahon – Treasurer
Rebecca Li – Secretary

Board Members

Dani Benson
Ann Brown
Max Claman
Ashley Dudek
Sander Flaum
Chase Hardwick
Bruce Jones
Andrew Kile
Eric Kleinstein
Heidi Liou
Shivang Patel
Allie Roda
Michael Ross
Ian Simpson
Shannon Smith
Adrianne Varwig